Friday, July 16, 2010


No funny stories, No rallying cries. It's a pretty dark night For the Weekend Night Guy. Maybe the solace of writing Will make the world seem less biting.

Pretty slow night for me to try and entertain with rhyming poetry.

Parallax. I won't make you look this one up if you don't know. Very VERY basically it's the idea that something appears different when viewed from different angles. There is mathematical and astronomical jargon to go along with that, but I know none ot it; so I must keep it simple. Reading a scale for instance. Standing on a scale and cocking your head from side to side one could weigh 179lbs or 181lbs. Look at it straight on and it's 180. I could go on and on, but you dear reader are smart enough to cite your own examples.

How many ways are there to see something?

How many sides to a coin? How many shades of grey, colors on a pallet?

Last week while I was writing about trust a woman came in saying she'd just about run out of gas. She didn't have any money on her. Could I let her have a dollar or two worth of gas so she could get home? She'd be right back with the money, she only lived down the road. (In the poor section of town.) "I can't, I just can't let you have gas." I told her. She asked if I could buy her some gas out of my own pocket. I had a couple of dollar bills doing nothing in my pocket. I said ok. "A dollar?" she asked. "Nah, two." I told her. She asked what time I got off and promised to be back before then. Her husband, or whatever, cheerily waved thanks to me as he pumped their two dollars worth of gas. Did she indeed come back? No. Did I expect the money back? No. Was it a matter of trust? Only in the aspect that I hoped they weren't begging gas from everybody in town.

Was I a sucker, a fool? No. I cocked my head and looked at it differently. Do you think she was proud to be doing this? Looking at her, the car, her husband, they were definitely in need. Is this something I a proud of or am bragging about? No. But I'd do it again.

Cock your head to the side some time. Just a little.

Tell me what you see.

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