Saturday, August 7, 2010

Not much. You?

Sometimes there is no wisdom to be gleaned from selling cigarettes, gas, and snacks all night long. Sometimes the people come and go without incident. Well, most always really. So sometimes it is hard to find a starting point. Anyone who has stared at a blank page in anticipation of having to fill it knows what I mean. (OK, even if you haven't stared at a blank page I'm sure you can relate to how it feels) A friend of mine posted a piece to her blog asking where people get their writing prompts from. I was too busy wondering where I'd get mine to post an answer.

I started this post Thursday night waiting for something to happen and send me on my merry way. Anything. I waited. Waited some more. Nothin'. Started toying with an idea for filler fluff just to get a post up. I tend to start getting anxious pretty quickly worrying that nothing will trigger a good post, but I sit with it and wait. 2am and still nothing. I start to write this. I get as far as the first paragraph and no further. Feeling frustrated that it will be at best a two post weekend I set my sights on Friday.

The plan is always to post something all three nights I am here. Probably too ambitious since I am supposed to be working not enlightening the world. Well Friday comes and I'm in no mood. No mood for the drunks, the complainers, the whiners, none of it. I don't even want to be here. I would much rather be in bed sleeping so I could feel awake when I go in to my regular job. Way over tired I guess.

And STILL no I inspiration, no prompt.

Could I make something interesting out of the three drunken strippers who come in offering to strip right here for the money in the register? The guy who buys a quart of oil and complains about the price and how if I had a conscience I wouldn't sell it? All the drunks who can't even pronounce Marlboro light correctly? Nah. Nothing real to be learned from any of that. No tricky twists in story line, no grand point to be made that I can see. Another wasted night with no post. Oh well. Some night I will write some short bits of stories from the past. Before Notes came along.

Which brings us all the way back to filler fluff.

I have come up with some answars to some FAQs. I will not need to list most questions as they will be apparent from the answers. I will list some questions I wish people would ask.

No, I'm sorry there is no public restroom. No, you may NOT pee on the side of the building. No, I can't break a hundred. Good luck finding any one at this time of night with change for such a big bill. How can I pour a slushie without tracking it all over the countertops and floor? Put the domed lid on first. Don't be greedy. Bring in a bigger cup and I'll charge you for a refill. Just stop getting it all over everything. Please? What can I do with this cigarette butt, or the wrapper for this candy bar, or this empty cup once I am out of the store? Hmm... Well, any of the six garbage cans COULD serve as a receptacle for your trash. Oh, and those butt cans? Yeah. Use 'em. I am wicked tired of picking up after piggy piggy people.

I guess I've gone on and on about nothing long enough for this post. If you have any questions about the night shift or anything you'd like me to post about concerning this blog, just let me know.


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