Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wouldn't It Be Nice

Have any idea what the #1 rated overnight radio talk show in the country is? It's a show called Coast to Coast AM. (I listen on WTIC 1080 from 1am to 5am. You of course would have to find your own station if you're not close by. Or of course What do you suppose makes this show so popular? What could it possibly be about that would spawn chat groups, podcasts, a newsletter, an iPhone app, and even a video game based on some of it's segments? Jeez, what is it do you suppose? Politics? No. Zealous evangelism? No. Ah, sports? Nope. Any other guesses? Here's a short list of some of the topics discussed on the show; life after death, near death experience, cryptozoology, aliens in all their forms from abduction to crop circles, crystal skulls, 2012, Hitler and the occult, the face on Mars, ghosts and shadow people.

It's about possibilities. It's about the mysteries that surround us every day in this life of ours. The unexplained and seemingly unexplainable. It sheds light on people who spend sometimes their whole lives searching for answers. Most times answers to things outside the mainstream.

I can hear some of you scoffing, laughing behind your hand, from here. What's makes aligning the chakras, let's say, any more valid than hunting for ghosts or looking to the stars for our origins?

On Thursday night Dr. Melvin Morse was a guest on the show. He is a physician who was trained to believe that dead was dead and that was the end. After a few specific cases he became very interested in the near death experiences in children. He had found too many kids who remembered things from emergency situations that they just couldn't possibly remember. One girl told him some time after an event that she was still mad at him for putting a tube in her throat. She was unconscious and needed to breath. Others were dead as doornails yet survived and remember similar events.

He has been able to do a 20 or 30yr study of a number of childhood near death survivors. The survivors tend to be more satisfied in their lives. More charitable. More at peace. One person runs a construction company that employs a handful of people. He says he knows he is fulfilling his life's purpose. He knows the people he hires would be in much, much worse shape without what ever income he provides.

One boy said he knew why we were all here. When pressed for an answer as to why, he simply said to be nice to each other. Wow. Wouldn't it be nice if that's really what it's all about? If there are aliens and ghostly visitations and guardian angels, you know the whole spectrum of unexplained, all they are doing is reminding us to be nice to each other. That to wend our way safely and gracefully through this maze of a life is to be nice?

But that's so hard some may say with their best pout and stomping their foot. Really? THAT is hard. Come on! If some one told you that to be truly happy all you had to do was treat others nicely you wouldn't at least try it? How about we put it differently. How about treat others how you wish to be treated? Want the King James version? You know, do unto others. Does that make it any better? Ok, never mind just you. What if you could make your neighbor's life better? No? Still too hard? Alright, fine, you give me no choice but to pull out the big guns. What if you could make the world a better place? Huh? Like THAT one?

We never really know how our actions will effect others. I can tell you this though; if we were nicer to each other, became mindful of it, we couldn't help but eventually change the world.

Good luck on your new found mission.

Until next we meet, peace.

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