Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fool In The Rain

More heavy rain forecast for tonight. Biblical stuff from what I gather. Though only for a few hours and not the traditional forty days. The wind is quite raucous in heralding the news of the storm. The garbage cans are having a right jolly time playing in the wind; skittering across the parking lot in some crazy game I don't know the rules for yet. I have to go outside, collect the gabage cans and line them up along the store out of the wind as if they are being punished for playing outside after dark. I suppose they are in a way since I will have extra sweeping to do in the parking lot because of their midnight romp.

"Did you hear about the robbery?" were just about the first words to greet me when I came in tonight. This happened a few days ago. Only a few days before that a drug store just up the road had been robbed. The person I was relieving knew no details except that a woman fairly new to third shift here was working.

As long as I have worked at this gas station men have worked the Night Shift. This always just kinda made sense to me. For safety more than anything else. Meaning absolutely no offense to any women readers out there, but I always figured a man was somehow more of a deterrent. Not that a man would handle the situation any better or more bravely either. It seems the odds are just better against it. I'll have to look that one up I guess.

So... I now have all night to ponder. Were there weapons? Is my co-worker ok? How much was taken? In short I guess, what happened?

And what happens now?

How comfortable am I now? The thought of being robbed has never bothered me. One shouldn't work this shift in a place like this if does. These are desperate times for a lot of people though. Crime seems to be on the rise around here. Are my chances better or worse now of being robbed on my watch? When will I stop looking at people differently? It's not even me who it happened to yet I can't help but wonder how long before things feel back to normal.

The manager came in early in the morning and explained what happened. The clerk evidently went to use the restroom. She did not lock the door when she went. A couple of guys had been watching the store. Waiting for her to disappear into the back for a while. While she was gone they came in and stole some cartons of cigarettes. They left before she came back out. She had no contact with them. She only new from cartons scattered on the floor. The two men did the same thing in a neighboring town and were caught by the police.

Well that wasn't so bad.


I mean what do you think of when some one says a convenience store was robbed? In my head it was all gun waving and violence and threats. I'm not trying to belittle this woman's probable feelings of violation and unease; I'm sure I'd feel the same. All in all though it was the best of outcomes for her.

We do rush to judge sometimes huh? We are a judgmental lot, we humans. We are so willing to take that first bit of information, that first impression, and run with it. How easy it is to think the sky is falling if you never look up. If we never walk that mile in our neighbor's shoes. If we never even try and see the world through another set of eyes. And if we're not willing to do that how can we ever expect to be understood or respected?

How about this; next time either one of us feels like we are rushing in with the fools; let's not. Let's just take it easy on ourselves and each other.

Ok, 'nough of me for one sitting.


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