Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Love a Rainy Night

Rain. Again. Rain tomorrow too I guess. Slow night. Get to do some extra special cleaning tonight. When this store was bought last January they remodeled top to bottom. There are a few problems with that though. Though it's a tiny store the air conditioning unit could barely handle the load when temps would get up to 80. Through the remodel they managed to squeeze more stuff in the store. More heat producing stuff. By the time the temperature reached 80 this summer it was probably 95 in the store. No matter how long the air conditioner ran and ran there was no cooling this place down. It took probably two weeks before we were given permission to buy a fan. It was just plain hot. As far as I know there are no plans to fix the problem. The other problem happens to be with the new drains installed for the coffee and soda stations. They leak. Empty the coffee pots and the stuff stored in the cabinets below wind up wet or sticky. We were urged at the very beginning to clean under the cabinets every day. Yeah, right! How about fixing the drains? The drains were supposedly fixed today. It only took nine months. I have cleaned all the coffee stains and drippings tonight. We'll find out tomorrow whether I bother to clean the sticky soda. If they still leak, why bother? Not lazy. Just not that stupid.

There was a commotion in the parking lot last Saturday morning. It was around 5:30 or so. I saw a woman walking quickly past the front window. I thought I heard her yell, "Mom, wait!" My relief had just come in and we were catching up on the two weeks since we had seen each other so I didn't really think any more about the yelling woman.

I needed to take out the last of the trash. I gathered it up and headed for the dumpster. As I round the corner there is a woman shepherding a guy across the street. She is yelling at him. "C'mon Rob, get it the car like the man I know you are and let's go". He is drunk (Blackout drunk, acting a complete fool drunk. Bender drunk. I haven't the words for how drunk.) and apparently wanted to visit someone he knows who lives in the apartments across the street. He spots me and says in falsetto, "Ooo, help, help, she's gonna rape me". I ignore him and ask the woman if she is ok. She says yeah it's all ok. I throw out the garbage and head back in.

I am willing to give them a few minutes to straighten everything out and take off. When I tell my co worker the situation she immediately says, "They gotta go! Call the police"!

Great! Now I have two situations. Well, three now that I think about it. The drunk, the woman's safety, and not getting them arrested.

Their car is parked in one of the spots near the dumpster and I head out that way to smoke a cigarette. Okay, to check in on the situation. Now I'm not looking in the car directly, but I can tell that the passenger seat is reclined all the way and there is a tangle of bodies.

It turns out the woman is in the back seat restraining Rob. She's trying to get him to stay in the car so she can get a pack of cigarettes and they can leave. She digs out some money and asks if I could please run in and get her cigarettes. When I come back I ask if she is sure she's ok. She nods. She kisses Rob on the shoulder and, referring to her own actions says, "This is love". I can't help myself. I grunt and tell her no, it's trouble waiting to explode. She says something like been there, done that. I shrug. I tell her I don't care that they are there, that I am leaving soon though and the woman inside is ready to call the police. She makes sure Rob understands this, gets in the front and drives off. I go inside and punch out. I head off for some overtime at my regular job.

Life flows on.

In other news, the drains still leak. Just not as badly. Some one came in tonight and actually gave me the five dollars I fronted them for some gas. (A regular customer) It's been three weeks or more. I had kind of written it off.

See ya next time.


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  1. ha! this all sounds soooooooooo familiar from my gas station days. I guess things never change. We had the same problems, including the poorly functioning a/c and the leaky soda drains making a mess in the cabinets below. And, of course, the customer drama. Brings back memories.....