Sunday, October 24, 2010

Once In A Lifetime

I feel like poetry tonight. I can't make this editor space the words the way I need them though so no rhyming couplets or stylish stanzas tonight. (I can hear your sighs of relief from here.) If I just start pecking at the "keyboard" something will form and I'll be on my way. If I just spout out whatever is on my mind in one long stream of consciousness maybe just maybe some spark will ignite the tinder that will fuel what I need to say.

Or not.

I wrote that last paragraph on Thursday. It it 12:25am Saturday morning now and I have been way too busy to even think about writing.

Ok, ok. There are a few things that I think to share with you now and again.

You would be very surprised at some of the things I find in the garbage here. Not poking and digging. Just casual observation as I am changing bags. Say you had just bought a 20" double headed sex toy. Where would you think to throw out the packaging? Oh wait! I know! Honey pull over into that gas station so I can throw this out. Wouldn't want want my husband/wife/mother/brother/sister/father/kids having the opportunity to find it. I guess I was naive before I started working here. I always thought one would take the time to dispose of something like that in a less trashy way (Oops, no pun intended). Then of course there is all of the empty alcohol containers. From nips to six packs to wine bottles to liters of Jim Beam and the like. Again, pretty naive. I always thought most people were fairly sober while driving. From the evidence I see more people are drunk or stoned. Watch out on the roads is all I can say. It's not just the person leaving the bar that you need to watch out for. People clean out their cars while they're here too. Almost as though seeing a garbage can they don't have to empty is enough to spur some one on to tidy their car. That's ok. That's what the cans are there for. It's a service we provide. What gets me is the person who will spend fifteen minutes cleaning his car and then dump his ashtray on the ground. Or comes in and buys a candy bar and throws the wrapper on the ground. Like it's not litter that some one else now needs to clean up. At least their car is clean. At least once a weekend I will find old car parts. Wiper blades, wires and spark plugs, body moulding. Where were these people when they changed their spark plugs? I mean it was all neat. The old plugs were in the new plug boxes. The wires were rolled up and bundled together. If only I could sell that stuff for scrap.

So it's Sunday morning now and as I was emptying the garbages outside and thinking about what I've been writing and noticing all the thoughtless litter all over the parking lot; I got to thinking about passive aggression. I mean why do most people change once they step in a store? Resentment over having to spend their hard earned money? I will be outside sweeping the parking lot. Some one will pull in get out of their car look at me and throw their cigarette butt on the ground. Then they greet me like I'm a long lost friend. And all the people who put their money on the counter just out of reach so I have to lean way over to get it. It's not just me either. Other people have mentioned this in conversation. Oh well I'm really just spouting about nothing, it's the same as it ever was. It's the same as it ever was. It's the same as it ever was.

A woman came in last night with a quart of half and half. It was no good she said and scolded me for the company selling bad half and half. She had called earlier in the day apparently and was told she could return it. Of course, no problem, so sorry for the inconvenience. She handed me the quart container. If there was a half of a cup left I'd be surprised. The container was dated for November 17th and it was spoiled. Huh. She didn't even want a replacement half and half. Instead she took a gallon of milk. Me thinks she just needed milk.

So I guess all of this rambling leads me to remind you to get what you deserve for your money; you just don't have to treat others with disrespect to get it.

Keep those sticks on the ice.


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