Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bohemian Rhapsody

So it's Thursday night again. My night so far? As soon as I walk in the guy I'm relieving asks, "Did you hear about Angie"? Angie is pretty young. Nineteen. Maybe twenty. She's had her hand in the till.

We had our monthly audit this past week and ended up somewhere around twelve hundred dollars short. Evidently she has been ringing merchandise up but not finalizing the sale. She would tell the customer the total, take the money and give out change. She would void everything before actually ringing it through. The area behind the counter is 6' x 16'. There are seven cameras in the store. Four of them are behind the counter. FOUR. From what I understand you can see her on the tapes putting the cash on top of the register and later pocketing it.

This is the same girl who called me a few weeks ago asking if I could come in early because she felt so sick. I was wicked sick myself with only four hours of sleep over the last thirty six hours. I was kinda grumpy that she woke me from my nap. Since I was awake though I said I'd come in as soon as I could. When I got there she was standing out in front of the store with her boyfriend smoking a cigarette and just laughing and laughing over something. She was having such a good time. I went in the store and started to count my drawer. As Angie came in with her boyfriend I could see him texting. He asked "When should I tell her we'll be there"? "Fifteen minutes", she replied. This certainly caused a Spock like raised eyebrow from me but, I said nothing. And then she left. She hadn't said hello, thanked me for coming or apologized for waking me. She barely said good bye. I was feeling slightly put upon to say the least. As it turns out I was only the latest to help her out while she was under the weather. She's been avoiding coming in lately. Not a no show no call like she's quit. She's called out a few times since the audit. I guess she doesn't want the confrontation. That or she doesn't want to feel the sting of the ax. Either way, not a good way to start your adult life.

What's next on Your Hit Parade?

Why the machete wielding thieves of course.

As I was leaving last Sunday morning the last customer I saw told us to be careful today; a 7-Eleven in town had just been robbed by two men with machetes. I commiserated with the woman just coming on and left shortly after that. I forgot all about it. The second question tonight was, "Did you hear about the machete robberies"? I explained how I heard about it last Sunday. "Oh, no, there's been more".

Two men wearing all black with some kind of masks have been hopping around the state robbing different 7-Elevens. I imagine these guys are thinking they are extremely clever. Try to be random and all. They are so random in fact they've hit the same place twice. Course they aren't really random are they? Unless they're picking names from a hat somebody will find a pattern.

It's Saturday night. Right on the cusp of Sunday. I am happy to announce that the crime spree is over. Evidently there was surveillance at the next targeted store and the suspects were snagged as they were leaving the store. I haven't heard any other details. Don't know if many stores were watched or if that one was pinpointed. The majority of people that I talk to blame the rising tide of robberies on drugs. I might agree if unemployment wasn't hovering around %10 with no real relief in sight.

The last thing I had planned to share about the start of the night Thursday was about the guy who sneezed in his hand, wiped it on his shirt, and handed me his money.

'Nuff said about that I think.

Oh, I found out Angie was fired Friday. Don't know any of the details. 'Spose it doesn't really matter.

So where does all this lead my wandering mind? Unfortunately for you right back to the haves and have nots. This is where I go all conspiracy theory on you. Have you heard of Bohemian Grove? This all mens club is a yearly meeting of the rich and powerful. One of the accomplishments this group points to is a 1942 meeting to plan the Manhattan Project. How about the Bilderberg Group. Another group of very rich, very influential people from the worlds of politics, the military, banking and industry. These are the haves. Not you. Not me. Probably not even anyone you know. (Well, I don't know who you know but...) No one on the outside really know their aims. One world currency? New World Order? The end of democracy in America? Some believe it's all about ridding the world of most of its pesky population. Well good for them. A video that was making it's way around Facebook was George Carlin speaking his truth. He says there and in many other appearances before that that the ultra rich who are in power don't care about any of us. They just don't care. Period. How we all think we have choices in people we vote for, but don't. No choice in anything really.

So here goes. We do have choices. Right? I mean we all have choices. How do we greet the day? Do you smile and wave at the driver that just cut you off? Do you hang on to things and carry a heavy heart or can you let go and live lightly? Somethings we can control. Be mindful of how you want to represent your spirit on this physical plane.

I always feel like I go on and on. I really have to view this blog on a real computer to see how long some of these posts are. Oh well, time for chores.

See ya next time. Peace.

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