Sunday, January 30, 2011


Why do we have feelings?

Someone posed this very simple question on Face Book the other day. There was already a comment or two by the time I saw this post. It seemed like a real question, but the comments weren't taking it seriously. Of course I know the person who posed the question to begin with. It's a confusing time for this person. I couldn't help it, I had to jump in.

So, why do we have feelings? The question is simple enough, no? The basic answer is too. Aren't our feelings supposed to be triggers for us? How else can we know the difference between right and wrong? Good and bad. It is through our feelings that we know not to take that candy bar without paying for it. How we know comforting a crying child is the right thing to do. We instinctively know if our feelings are suddenly in turmoil what we are doing or experiencing is not good for us. It's all so simple.

Pretty much.

The problem with it all starts when we begin to ignore our feelings. Or we lie to ourselves. Well, we do it every day. Knowingly or not. I over eat for example. I know I really need to lose some weight and get back to the gym. I know it every day. I don't feel the best about myself though, so I ignore it. I eat to stuff some feelings. Some people are in bad relationships. Every day something doesn't feel good. Every day is full of worry about what might happen today. What stops us from getting out, from making changes? For some it's a fear of being alone. A fear of not being loved. Some people believe they don't deserve better. Or that having better is impossible. In any case we are always fighting our feelings.

I wonder why?

You already are the best possible person you can be. You may not see it or feel it, but it's there. The true path of your existence is already inside of you. Everything you need to live a truly contented life is just waiting for you to put your hand out and grasp it. The thing is you have to bring it out. You have to want it. You have to do the work. You have to be mindful of it. No one else. No group, therapist, priest, or sooth sayer can do it for you. Oh people can help, but really it's just lonely ol' you.

That might seem like a scary thought, being open and honest with yourself. Once you are, once you do the work and learn that you are already perfect; the struggle for self improvement ceases and you are able to release perfection that is you.

I'm pulling for ya.



  1. Nice Eric, sometimes people try to make us do something that would be harmful, but we do have to believe in ourselves. I beleive good does eventually overcome evil.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this...I really needed to read something like this made me think about moving on to better and healthier people, places, and things.

    Thank you! :-)

  3. Thank you Anonymous. I really appreciate knowing yuo got some good from this post.