Friday, January 21, 2011

A Quick One

It's 3:13a.m. Sunday January 2nd. I have two hours and forty-seven minutes left to my shift. When I walk out of here at 6:00 I will have ended my time as the Night Guy. I wonder what it will be like. It's only been two years but, it's become part of me. Will I be able to sleep next Thursday night, my first night not working? What will the weekend look like I wonder. The last 104 weekends have been pretty much a blur. Little sleep and lots of work.

It is now Friday night January 14th. This is my second Friday not working the night shift. To be honest I'm sort of discounting my first week of normalcy. Seems I was extremely tired. I slept at the drop of a hat. One minute I'd be watching TV, the next id be waking up wondering what time it was.

It is almost the 20th now. I have continued writing this post in my head over and over. Some one will say something that will trigger my thoughts toward this blog. I'll think, "That's IT. That's what I'll write about". I have been putting it off though for some reason. I couldn't figure it out for the longest time. I think I've got it though.

I auditioned for a play recently. There was a time when I was involved in theater in one way or another year round. I had performed various tasks in community theater for years. I have acted, directed, stage managed, produced, built sets and hung lights. I really enjoy giving people the chance to see something new in themselves or others through live theater. I used to have this picture in my head during a performance of this self contained shell. The glow of the lights shining on the stage illuminating the faces of the audience in a darkened theater. This private world shared by the actors and the audience floating suspended some where all on it's own. Every one learning or experiencing something new. The actors and audience share this bond of learning. Though every performance presents the same lines, the same blocking, the same scene changes, each performance is different. Each audience take away something new. I love the process of learning the lines. The blocking. The muscle memory. I love giving the author's words meaning. I think that last part is the key to my dragging my feet about completing this post.

The author's words. See it's not me right? I assume this roll and let loose with some one else's words, and even though it was undoubtedly me writing Notes it was through the Night Guy. We are in Act II of our story and the Night Guy has no lines. Does this make any kind of sense? When I first realized I would be giving up the night shift I kind of asked around about whether I should keep the title of this blog the same or if I should change it. There was no strong consensus. So unless I get a flood of objections or spontaneous wailing in the streets breaks out, I will keep the name the same.

Next time we'll get back to discussing life and it's ups and downs. I just wanted to get this quick one under my belt as I wonder what Act II will bring.

As the temperatures here head for the single digits, keep your stick on the ice.


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