Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bad Karma

Well, I made it. 

I waited a whole month. 

See, I lost my iPhone.

Well, I left it out somewhere at work and it was stolen.  I had to wait a bit before I could  get a new one.  Much cheaper with an upgrade you know.   

For those not in the know, that was my tether to the ether for the longest time.  It was my only device to communicate with the world.  I had no other phone.  I had no computer.  I couldn't go on line any other way.  Finding myself alone in middle age my phone was a constant companion.  I suppose I was as addicted to what that phone did for me as I seem to be to cigarettes.  Unfortunately another constant companion right now.  As my smart phone it was my blogging tool, my Face Book, my Google and my MapQuest.  As a simple tool it was my calendar, appointment book and alarm clock.  As my toy it was my Angry Birds and the like.  As my camera it was my record keeper.  Oh yeah, and of course it was my phone.  I got a very cheap replacement while I waited for my upgrade.  It was, to say the least, barbaric.      

I could shrug it off and say it was my fault.  I could.  I could even say I was lucky it didn't happen before that.  Really, I could.  Not gonna though.  Nope.  I'm mad.  And I'm disappointed.

I say I'm mad, but I think I'm more disappointed.  Disappointed in myself and in whoever took my phone.

Oh don't be too hard on yourself Nightguy.  Phones are lost or stolen all the time.        
More than 37 million cell phones are lost, stolen, or damaged every year in the United States.  Wow.  That's a lot of phones.

My problem is that it happened at work.  For me there are a few rules to follow in the workplace.  One would be don't say anything to anyone you don't want repeated.  Where I work if you want to make an important announcement make sure to tell someone in low tones that you're sure no one else can hear.  By lunch time everyone else will know.  It's that simple.  Forget the loudspeaker or bulletin board.  Just tell one person.  The other rule is don't leave anything around for too long.  Whether it's lunch in the fridge or a tool you need to use to finish a job.  Everything has legs.  Some one will always need something more than you do.  Always.

So I broke one of my own rules.  That my friends is the disappointing part.  I knew better.

The person who couldn't turn my phone into lost and found knew better to.  That's kinda disappointing too.  Although we spend a ton of time with our co-workers you just don't know them.  Oh we grow close to some. Befriend some. But you just never really know.  Who know what evil lurks in the hearts of men?  (The Shadow knows, btw)

I guess that's where karma comes in to all of this.  I have paid some karmic debt.  I have a few guesses as to which debts might've been lined for payment.  Then again maybe I don't.  Was it some instant karma thing for some action I don't even remember? Or was it indeed some sword that's been hanging over my head for longer than I know?  'Course it coulda been just dumb luck.  Luck though means that we just wander through this life.  We have no control.  No sense having goals or making plans.  Everything is a 50/50 shot.  Or should we even bother worrying about all of that?  Maybe we are here for no real purpose.  No lessons to learn.  No reason to grow. 

It seems most people only think of karma going one way.  I only hear people talk about karma when they've been wronged in some way. You know?  There is always some satisfaction knowing that the person who has done something to you will pay in some way.  That everyone is responsible for their actions in one way or another.  In this life or the next.  (If you're into all that)  Ah, but it works both ways yes?  When is the last time you worried about the bad karma you drag along like the chains of Marley's ghost?  Have you ever come to a point and realized that you may actually be gaining good karma?

I don't know.  I hardly ever think of karmic ramifications.  All I really know is that it feels better to be nice.  Feels better to do right.  To be better than you might think you can be at any given. moment.

Well, I made it.

I've officially written my first post on an actual computer.

I had been holding out writing a new post 'til I got my new phone.  The only glitch with that is that I happened to get a used computer somewhere along the way.  I really wanted to stay true to writing this on my phone.  It took some internal struggle but, I finally decided to see how it would feel to sit and write at a computer.  It was ok.  The new phone isn't even jealous.

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