Monday, January 21, 2013

A Change is Gonna Come

  Yup. I definitely started this post a long time ago. Well, you know, relatively. Not time like cosmically speaking, but long enough.  This was originally going to be my Mayan Prophecy End of the World Extravaganza Post to End All Posts.  I started it and then Blogger didn't save half of it when I asked it to.  I've had that happen before.  I gotta tell ya, that was a bummer.  Instead of changing sites as often say I should, I kinda went on strike. 

  So here I am with the Mayans and a few other things crowding my brain.  Let's see what happens.  To be honest some of this was written somewhere around 12/22/12. 

  So, I gotta ask.  Were you worried at all?  Or did you start the day like any other?  

  I know you had to have at least given it a passing thought.  The fate of the world hung in the balance after all.  I mean it had been building for so long how could you not?  

  Yes, yes, you probably guessed already.  Of course I'm referring to the whole calendar deal.  Mayan by the way.  Not Gregorian, or Julian, or any other you might come up with.

  I know a lot of you can remember a time before.  Before cell phones say.  Before basic cable, email, GPS, globalization.  Maybe even before men landed on the moon.  Probably not a time when we started to lose contact with nature and the earth though.  Probably.

  The Mayans were smart people.  You gotta give them that.  They were extraordinary mathematicians.  They came up with the concept of zero independent of any other influence.  Pretty heady stuff for the math geeks.

  They were also astronomers.  Hence The Calendar, right?  A familiar question to some would be why.  Why would the Mayans be so interested in the night sky?  Were they indeed awaiting the return of some other worldly visitor a la Ancient Aliens? 


  Could be.  

  More likely it was the fact that they were more closely tied to the earth, the very universe, than few of us today could begin to imagine.  And of course there's always, you know, boredom.  What else did they have to do at night?  If you had no light pollution and time on your hands most nights, I bet even you dear reader would become a decent amateur astronomer. 

  That's great an' all for the Mayans, but I really wanted to talk about what it all meant to us.  I mean this particular end of the world was big.  And we had a lot of time to mull it over.  Some people had plans.  Just in case.  Some people had parties.  Just because.  There might've been more than a few people who were quietly relieved that it wasn't really judgement day or anything after all.  

  Did you hear many predictions about what would happen that day?  I'd heard every thing from the appearance of flying saucers to drastic pole shifts.  That was one camp anyway.  Doom sayers.  There was another camp however.  A lot of people believed that the Mayans simply meant to mark the date of a new Age.  A time to change.  A time where there will be more and better understanding between fellow human beings.  

  Truth to tell I don't think the Mayans were really trying to predict anything.  

  Things do need to change though.  Not a big huge all at once change.  A one day at a time change I guess.  And it starts with you.  And me.  There is no special date.  It could be today.  Or tomorrow.    

  We need to make ripples in our lives that will better others.  Better the world around us.  It won't happen through the government.  Aliens will not be landing to enlighten us any time soon.  It can't be because the Mayans circled a date on the calendar.  

  Every day should be circled.  Every day is judgement day.  Every day you have the chance to change someone's life.  Every day.  Moment to moment.

  Ok.  I guess I'm outta here.

  I'm pullin' for ya.

  The song is simply for MLK





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