Friday, March 1, 2013

The Space Between

  Ok, ok! 


  I use a dating site.

  There.  Happy?

  I've been on and off of one site in particular a bunch of times.  I've had conversations with a few people.  Even went on a first date with a couple of women.  The very first one, well, didn't come as advertised.  Just sayin'.  The second was dinner and done.

 Those of you well versed in the ins and outs of these sites, fear not; I won't go on too long about it.  The married people should know a little of what they're missing though.  Shouldn't they?

  It's a funny place, this dating ether.  

  Say you see a picture of someone you might be interested in.  You have gathered as much information as their witty, (or artsy, or serious) profile allows you to.  You decide to take a chance and send a message.  Something has caught your eye.  Something they said or some movie they mentioned.  A favorite band maybe.  Something to get you going and mention in an introductory note to show you've paid some attention to what they bothered to write.

  Sometimes you get the cold shoulder.  Maybe you get the, "good luck in your search" response.  Other times you get an actual, honest to goodness, response.  One that may even prompt you to write back.

  I mostly find it a wasteland.     

  Good thing I'm in no real hurry.


  Although there is one person.  One person with whom I've had a couple of really great conversations.

  See, she got me to thinkin'.  My favorite pastime.  In fact I posted on Face Book the other day that sometimes I think I think too much.  

  Getting to know each, other she asked me why I like being involved in theater.  Why I liked it and how it made me feel.  

  Geez.  Hadn't really thought that hard about it.  It's just something I do.  I like to show the audience a possible new perspective on life.  That's the line I usually use.  This was a chance though to turn it over in my hands a couple of times and look at it.  

  No one had ever asked how it made me feel before.

  I guess the shortest distance between a and b would be that it makes me feel alive.

  The longer distance?  This woman I am chatting with is a blogger too.  (SWEET!)  She offered me her blog address, you know, blogger to blogger.  I came across one post in particular that made me think even more deeply about the theater thing.  The post is called Possibility and starts like this,

  "I'm addicted to the moment immediately preceding a kiss, that place where time stands still, lips poised for the blessed contact.  I'm a sucker for the first kiss in movies, on TV, because it signals a shift in dynamic, a moment of pure truth and honesty of feeling."  

  Shhh.  Used that bit without permission.  Hopefully she'll forgive me this once.

  Think about that moment she speaks of though.  That moment in eternity between action and inaction.  That pause in the universe where absolutely anything is possible. There are limitless possibilities in the space between.

  It is in those moment that we are truly connected with everything.  Everything.  Everybody.  The universe.  Each other.

  Theater is full of those moments for me.  The easiest one to relate I suppose is standing in the wings waiting for my cue to go on.  I think probably every actor prepares differently as they wait.  Some do voice exercises in a quiet area to loosen up and pass the time.  Others bend feverishly over their scripts trying to finally get that one line.  That one section.  But then there's that few minutes.  The space between waiting to go on, and being on.  I stand there shaking my hands as though I could shed my nerves like drops of water.  But then I walk out, and it's all ok.  I manage not to trip on anything.  I seemingly remember my lines and where I'm supposed to be in a timely manner.  Then it's over.

  Oh, yes, I love to act.  I love to direct.  I love it all.  But it's those moments in between that let you know you're alive.  Let you know that anything is possible.     

  There are countless moments like that in a day though.  I mean, right?

  It could be anything.  Do I drive the same way to work today?  Why don't I try that new place for lunch?  I could go on I suppose, but I'm sure you get the drift.

  You have to be mindful though.  You gotta have to want to participate in your life.  In the Universe.  Life is pretty spectacular as it is, imagine if you lived it in the space between.  If you were mindful that any moment in your life could be magic.  

  "The space between... is where you'll find me hiding, waiting for you."  Dave Matthews Band

  Hey, don't forget, I'm pullin' for ya.



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