Sunday, December 21, 2014

Shall We Play a Game?

  Blackjack II. A pretty crappy phone for its time. In my opinion anyway. I doubt very much that you'll find anyone to argue the point. It was my first though. The first phone that I could connect with. You know, to the internet. Oh, I'd had other phones. It was quite a step up in the phone world when I managed to get a flip phone. I can still see my ex and the kids standing in the store getting our first phones. We were in the mall. I don't know if I had somehow convinced her that we needed phones, or if we had just wandered in to take a look. It was certainly tortuous process. I'm certain of that.
  Anyway, the Blackjack II. It was the phone I had when I was working nights at the gas station. It was the phone I'd started Notes on. Yes, it was a phone made for browsing. That's about it though. There was no touch screen. No special buttons to be able to click on things. You had to figure out how to navigate to and highlight what you wanted. Sometimes you could. A lot of times you couldn't. Kinda frustrating.
  Then of course there came my first iPhone. Way cool. I'd always been a Mac person, and it felt good to be back after a few years in the Microsoft world. I was finally all happy posting away. I was feeling more connected than ever. Feeling free to share my views and experiences with the world. My small blog was never the most popular thing in the ether, but I was always very happy that people from all over stopped in to check things out.
  And then... Well, I stopped. I dis-connected. Disconnected from writing. Disconnected from you. From so many things really. I won't go into the details of why here. Maybe one day. Not now though.
  What have I been doing with my fancy pants phone lately?
  Umm, uh, well, playing cards online of course.
  Probably weren't exactly expecting that were you?
  Have you ever heard of a game called Euchre? Very basically Euchre is a trump based trick taking game usually played with partners. I'd first started playing on some device where it was preloaded among the games. A friend of mine on Facebook happened to mention it in a post one day. I had completely forgotten about Euchre. Eventually I decided to download the app. I practiced a bit in the solo game, and then decided to give live play a shot.
  I know, I know, you probably don't particularly care about Euchre or the phones I've owned. You must be wondering why the heck I'm going on and on about it.
  Because it's all about connections.
  See, when you first start playing online you basically join random games. As you play more and more you start recognizing names that you've played with. You know, some you've clicked with, others that were jerks. If you're lucky you run across the good ones again and avoid the bad ones. There are some few that you might strike up friendships with. And, lo and behold you've made a connection.
  Even though there are a couple hundred people at any one time staring at their screens trying to win, trying to remember strategy; they're all making some kind of connection.
  It's so easy in this world we find ourselves in to forget what's really important. We're all so wrapped up in ourselves. So busy judging, defending, blaming, protecting, denying, whatever, that we've forgotten.
  As human beings we are born connected. It's with the snip of that umbilical cord that we start our journey alone. With that snip I think the craving starts. We all start the search to belong. To be connected. The truth of it is though is that you're always connected. Whether it's the human experience, the thrumming web of the universe, or the star stuff we're all made from we are all connected.
  Keep your sticks on the ice. I'm pullin' for ya.


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